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Camping RV Rentals
Welcome to Home2Go!
The first «Home2Go» in Thessaloniki,part of northern Greece,for you to make traveling an everyday habit. Rent your RV Camper,from Greece or abroad and live your own specialized adventure. «Home2Go» sets your mood in vacation mode,reminds you about real relaxation,and puts you onto Camping for the first time.Rent your own Motorhome at the best available price ensuring you'll live your best vacation,every season of the year. At «Home2Go» you will have an unlimited amount of miles and a test drive with an 1.500euro guarantee through credit card!
Camping RV Rentals
Choose your own Rv camper!

Choose the caravan that suits you and...

Discover Greece from end to end with comfort, safety and ease. 

The variety of choices at «Home2Go» is rich enough to surely make you feel like home!

Look for the right combination of the most comfortable vacation, at the right time for you to enjoy all of our amenities as well the consulting from our experts at «Home2Go» so that you dont miss anything.

The choices
for your vacation

Low Season
October - March *
Medium Season
April - June & September
High Season
July - August
Medium Season
* Christmas & Easter

"Home2Go" puts you in a relax mood , reminds you how real relax-time is and introduces you the idea of camping from the beginning. Take your Motorhome at the best possible cost and you may ensure yourself the most carefree holidays each time of the year

Camping RV Rentals
Pick a type...
  • Beds: for up to 6 People

    Camping easily becomes a family affair when you know where to go,to ensure the ideal condition.Because for your family,you always want a «Home2go» offering everything you need,open handedly.Live the best vacation available with the «Family Camper» you deserve!

  • Beds: for up to 4 people

    What type of camper are you? What are your requirements? What drives you to Vacay? Because at «Home2go»... we see everything through economical eyes! Become the eco-type you want,for your vacation,with the «Eco Camper» that suits you!

    • Water Toilet
Love Camping? Then you will love...«Home2Go»!
For vacation carefree, with safety
and comfort pick your own «Home2Go»!
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