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Camping RV Rentals
The best roadtrip...only with «Home2Go»!
Research has shown that road trips have many benefits to our health, both physically and mentally, as we come in contact with nature, make journeys that open our spiritual horizons, enjoy the peace and comfort of choosing everything we want to do, we plan our destinations according to our mood and the desires of the moment, we let our mind and body follow the journey. "Home2Go" was created to encourage this holiday perspective through the variety of vehicles, the essential benefits that have to do with accommodation, food, comfort, luxury and at the same time modern design.
Camping RV Rentals
With trust,confidence and respect for your needs!

«Home2Go»Opened its gates in the Spring of 2021 to provide easy and fast access to vacation with motorhomes,covering needs in the region of Thessaloniki,Northern Greece and more widely. Its goal is to provide you with comfortability and safety in any holiday season, while enjoying a range of amenities that have nothing to envy of a property. Entering our world «Home2Go» to find choices and solutions before you even realize you need them,and the trip just begins!

  • The best customer service
  • Timely roadside assistance
  • Economical choices & solutions
  • Fully insured vehicles
  • Relax & enjoy your vacation
  • «Home2Go»: The greatest solution for your sleep
Home2Go constitutes an idea and implementation...
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